eLearning Platform

We at cencot autism (PHJM) have diversified our services. We currently offer a wide array of special educational needs.


We offer special educational needs ranging from maths, science, Islamic, moral. Educational psychology, sports, leadership in special education, educational policy, research, educational development, planning, curriculum and educational technology.


We offer digital era e-learning, augmentative alternative devices, i-pads, mobile learning aides, interface learning spectrum, blended learning, e-resources, e-journals, e-books, internet interactive learning and massive online open courses.


We offer lectures tutorials, classroom stations, practicum internships, workshop seminars, and expository and experimental forum colloquium.


We also offer clinical observation, intervention, investigation survey, therapeutics, triangulation exploratory, experimental treatment, phenomenology, adventure and case study case conferences.

Teaching & Learning Digital Platform

We have provided easy ways to use our customized course materials online.