Pusat Jagaan Harian Melawati (PJHM) in collaboration with Rotary Club at International provide vocational and job training for adolescents and adults with autism and learning disabilities between the age of 15 – 18 years. While PJHM provides the know-how, Rotary Club of International provides the infrastructure , Rotary Club of International has been actively supporting special schools and learning centres for children with special needs for the past 10 years. We are driven by the mission that each individual with disability deserves the opportunity to reach his potential. And to achieve this, conducive environment , proper training and trained experts ,must be available. We are proud that we are able to provide these basic requirements.


All people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Learning Difficulties(LD) deserve the right to be included into society to the best of their abilities.


Established by Educationalist, Paramedic, Clinical Consultant, Counselor, CENCOT vision is to play a leadership role in closing the significant gap in services that exist for people with autism, learning difficulties and other syndrome and brain disorder throughout Malaysia.

Services are needed equally for toddlers (assessment, in-house support and therapy), young children (educational services), latency and teenage children (educational, life skills training, prevocational and vocational training ), young adults and adults(dignified work options and residential choices) and parents and care givers (support and training).

The centre operates an early intervention for children from age (0 –6), teaching and guiding children from ages 3- 17 years via a curriculum that focuses on improving communications, acquiring social skills, managing problematic behaviour and improving academic skills and general knowledge.

The end goals of such services are where possible to place the children back into the mainstream schools or continue their special education at other appropriate centres.

The centre also operates an adult service that focuses on improving communications, social skills and behaviour. The medium for these goals are through pre-vocational, vocational and carrear development, life skills training.
The main aim for these services are to improve self-esteem, self awareness, independence and choice making all these would lead to a higher quality of life for these children concerned.


People with autism and Learning Difficulties have the same rights and human value as each and every other member of society. Our aim is to provide a positive environment which promotes this and raises the awareness of others to the needs of people with autism and Learning Difficulties.

CENCOT realizes that :

  • People with autism and Learning Difficulties have very special needs. This very special group of people need a service provision which caters for those needs in a proactive manner and which allows the individual to develop the skills needed for a fulfilling life.
  • People with autism and Learning Difficulties have the right to be valued, loved and understood.
  • People with autism and Learning Difficulties have the right to engage in as wide and varied range of activities creating the optimum quality of life possible for that individual. CENCOT endeavour to encourage and enable such activities, providing a safe environment with minimal risk to do so.
  • People with autism and Learning Difficulties have the right to be enabled and supported and to make choices in all areas of their life to the best of their ability.
  • Others should respect the privacy, belongings and affairs of people with autism as a right.
  • Others should respect and accept the right of people with autism to religious, sexual, cultural, emotional and other needs and be supportive of them.

Our Vision

PHJM providing Special Education, Vocational Training, Vocational Rehabilitation & Job Training services for adults @adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities.

Our Core Values are

Motivation: We are highly motivated and passionate towards people with disabilities

Excellence : We do the right things in the right way for all people with special needs.

Respect : We show trust and respect in all our interactions with Special Need Individuals.

Collaborations : Working with parents, siblings. peers, multidisciplinary partners & volunteers builds each other's strengths & enchances the impacts for person with disabilities.

Yearn to Serve : We will go the extra mile to help those in special needs.

Our Mission


Has the rights to excellence a life with love, respects and dignity.

Important and deserve the opportunity to strive to reach their full potential.

Has rights to make choices that will effects their lives.

Developing appropriate program and services that promote the health, safety and well being of each individual.