Early Intervention / Pre-School programme

Age Group : 2 to 6 years

Social Interaction.

Communication Skills.

Language (Expressive & Receptive skills).

Cognitive skills.

Fine motor & Gross-motor skills.

Self Help Skills.

Water play / sand play.

Speech Therapy.

Art Therapy.

Occupational Therapy.

Behavioural Therapy (ABA, ABVL).

Music Therapy.

Computer Skills.

Sensory Intergration.

Speech Therapy .

Functional Academic Programme

Age Group : 7 – 12 years

Individual Transition Plan.

English Language.

Bahasa Malaysia (KBSR).

Communication Skills.

Language (Expressive & receptive skills).

Social Interaction.

Self Help Skills.

Finemotor & Gross-motor skills.

Mathematical skills.

Moral Education.

Physical Education.

Domestic Education

Art & Craft

Nature study

Creative play

Music Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Community Living skills

Sex Education

Computer Skills

Traveling skills (Social outing)

Vocational Training Programmes

Age group : 13 to 16 years.

Individual Transition Plan

Communication (English , Bahasa Malaysia)

Mathematical & Money Concept

Social Integration

Community Living skills

Social Life / networking

Personal Grooming skills

Travelling skills

Domestic science

Computer skills




Creative Art

Vocational Assembling

Sex Education

Personal Management

Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy / Physical Education

Sports & Recreation (Special Olympic)

Speech and Language Therapy

Group Speech and Language Therapy


Computer Skills

Laundry skills

Group Home Life